A matching set

If you call one of the amps from the Street Series your own, then this cab is its perfect companion.
The standard speaker configuration are two Jensen P12Q.
Our model number for that cab is the S212PQ

Those speakers sound amazing for clean and slightly overdriven sounds and they make the creamy cleans of these amps shine.


Need more dirt?

If you are going for sounds with more drive, you might want to go for the S212T, which is loaded with Celestion G12T-75.

The cabs all have a stereo input option that you can switch in the back, which makes them great for space saving stereo setups.

They have casters at the bottom that let you wheel them around easily.

They only weigh 27.5 kg, which is quite acceptable for a 2×12 cab.


The JOYO street 212 cabinet series includes two models: S212T and S212PQ , each equipped with speakers as below:

212T  CELESTION G12T-75 X 2

212PQ  JENSEN P12Q X 2

The corresponding Power of the 4 speaker cabinets:

212T  Up to 150W

212PQ  Up to 80W


Weight:27.5 KG