Musik China 2016
Hall W4, B52

Join us at Music China in Shanghai from 26.09-29.09 2016.
We have tons of new products and we’ll be unveiling a new amplifier that will simply blow your mind. No, we are not kidding, you will simply not believe it when you hear this thing.



Of course we’ll have our full range of pedals to show you as well. There will be a huge stage with performances and our booth will have all of our products to try out.
We have a large range off accessories as well.

This year, we have dedicated a special section of the booth to JOYO-AMPLIFICATION where you can play all of our tube amps.

As special guests we have EytschPi42 and his guest host Kiana at the booth who will be presenting the new amps and will tell you everything you need to know.

Just stop by and hang out, play, chat and experience what we have in store for you!


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