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BantamP – Zombie

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Beale Street


giant-boardJoyo is best known for a huge range of affordable pedals.
We have many years of experience in this field and have refined our manufacturing methods to bring you great sound, durable quality and endless creativity right at your feet. Our range of pedals covers almost everything from boosts, overdrives, fuzzes, compressors, modulation, delay and reverb.

In some circles our “Vintage Overdrive”, “American” or “AC Tone” are already considered classics and you can even find those pedals on the boards of more distinguished players. Some of these pedals are even used a a basis for mods from some of the most boutique companies.



Our PXL line of effects switchers is very popular and offers a tank like casing that will outlast every gig and might even be around for your grandchildren to enjoy. No more tap dancing on stage, just rocking’ out.


The IRONMAN line of pedals has taken the idea of the small pedal one step further. We even added the knob guard to protect your settings. These incredibly compact pedals sound just as good as their big brothers and can be very handy when you are running out of pedal board space.



We also manufacture dependable power supplies like the JP-02 and the JP-04 as well as many other helpful and affordable accessories. If you are interested in any of these products, visit to browse through our full line of products.

However, on this page, you will find none of that. Joyo-Amplification is purely dedicated to showing of our Tube Amplifiers. Our range of tube amps starts with the BantamP line, which has a tube in the preamp section and, despite their very small size, can surely turn some heads. For the vintage player we have the “Street Series” (JCA) and for the high gain aficionado we have the the “High Gain” Series of Amps (JMA). Soon, we’ll be adding a line of classic rock machines with a more British flavor (JTA) and at MUSIC CHINA we’ll be releasing a top secret project that will blow your mind!

Joyo is working with some of the best amp designers in the world to bring you the best sound, the coolest innovations and the best quality and an affordable price. Our team is constantly growing!

With all that, you best subscribe to the newsletter and allow us to inform you about all the cool new stuff that will come in the very near future!



"I love my Beale Streets! This is the stereo setup I've been dreaming of for a long time!"

Nils Hofmann (Mandowar/Norman Keil)

Bild von Nils Hofmann (Mandowar/Norman Keil)